Feeling Overwhelmed? How do we keep it straight?

If you’re a busy home school parent like me, it’s hard to keep the schedule straight.  Between co-op classes, working at the Bookstore, Favorite Son’s swim schedule, and Favorite Daughter’s dance schedule, I get a little insane.  If I can remember what day it is, I can work at getting us to where we need to be.

With extracurricular activities, it’s a bear to keep it all straight.  This year, with all the activities, I think I’m going to have a daily chore listed on the schedule…  Maybe we can keep the house clean, even though we’re never in it!  Funny thing about HOMEschooling… we’re never home!

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

I love this simple little Weekly Planner Sweet Sister created.  We have shared it with everyone for the past 9 years.  I use Good Notes on the iPad to edit the basic form each year, plotting out the dance schedule and co-op classes.  I print it in color, and post one copy in the kitchen (for Dear Husband), and I have one copy posted at the Bookstore.

The kids use it too!  Usually right as they ask, “What time do we need to leave?”

Life can be fun if we keep it organized!  (Well, organized mess in my case!)