Columbus Set Sail on this day in 1492 from HER Distribution

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On this day in 1492, Columbus set sail on an exploration.  In the past 40-some-odd-years, I have watched technology explode.  So I am in awe of the explorers and adventurers that would set sail in a ship in unknown waters, and onward to unknown lands with only a vague inclination of what he hoped to find, without the aid of Google Maps.

As a homeschool mom, and a lover of books, it’s an adventure to the library and some downloads, to share Columbus and his voyages with the kids.  As mine are older, I just might have to do my own lapbook.  It won’t be the first time!

Enjoy the attached post from my sister page.  There are so many resources, so have fun with it!!

via Columbus Set Sail on this day in 1492 from HER Distribution

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