TexasHach4Quilting; Quilt 1 Christmas Quilt in

It’s TexasHach4Quilting because soon I will not be a homeschool mom! What am I going to do?! #1 Daughter is a sophomore in high school! For posts on homeschooling, I’m creating lists of information at cercbookstore.org.

So I’ve started quilting, and thoroughly enjoy it. The main question I get is, “Why (or When) did you start quilting?” So here’s my story.

In December 2018, my mom passed away. At some point that winter, I needed something to distract me (because my dad had also passed in February 2018).

My mom had taken up quilting the previous 5+ years, and had been looking forward to being retired, so she could quilt more. So in January 2019, I remembered a project I had started when #1 son was a toddler. My Aunt Linda had given me a pattern and some fabric. The McCalls pattern had panes of appliqué, mostly snowmen. I loved it! I also never finished it.

Fast forward to 2018, and the quilt panels were a great opportunity to sit and finish them, do some handwork, and work through my grief.

I loved completing this quilt. I learned so much about cutting and prep, and stitching for the quilting.

  • Size: 64″ x 79.5″
  • Quilt Pattern: McCall’s An American Tradition #2443
  • Fabric: Mixed Media appliqué, cotton batting, cotton backing
  • Handwork: Appliqué Blanket stitch; binding
  • Machine stitched piecing and quilting